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Calibration service & calibration laboratory for ISO and DAkkS calibrations

Welcome to KSW Kalibrierservice GmbH in Berlin! As a modern calibration service provider, we have been there for customers from the fields of medical technology, trade and industry in Berlin, throughout Germany and worldwide since 1995. Our team from KSW Kalibrierservice GmbH can calibrate, adjust and repair testing technology and measuring devices for you. We carry out calibrations for the fields of medical technology, measurement technology for industry and electrical testing technology for crafts

KSW Kalibrierservice GmbH

Medical technology

In medical technology, we calibrate test devices, devices for electrical measurement technology, pressure measurement technology, temperature measurement technology and devices for measuring mass and force. We also provide rental equipment in this area


In the industrial sector, we carry out calibrations of devices for electrical measurement technology, electrical testing technology, length measurement technology, temperature measurement technology, pressure measurement technology and measuring devices for mass and force.

Crafts and technical service providers

In these industries we carry out calibrations of devices for electrical testing technology, electrical measurement technology or environmental measurement technology.



Pressure sensors and pressure regulators


Torque & Measuring device


Trolleys & Weight measuring devices


Digital measuring devices


all electrical measuring devices

ISO calibration / factory calibration

Two words for a service that includes the calibration of electrical and mechanical measuring devices as well as weight, pressure, force, torque, temperature and humidity measuring devices for industrial and medical applications.

Any person or company is permitted to carry out factory calibrations as long as they can ensure that the calibration of their measurement standards is traced back to the national standards at the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB).

ISO and DAkkS calibration, adjustment and repair

In addition to calibration, we also carry out adjustments and repairs. If there are tolerance deviations, you will receive the adjustment from us free of charge. The calibration results are of course carefully documented by our calibration laboratory before and after the adjustment.

Fast and reliable

As a versatile calibration service from Berlin, we have both: excellent staff and state-of-the-art measuring and testing equipment for performing quick and extremely precise calibrations. Short lead times are - besides precision - our great strength!


In the case of repairs, our laboratory will provide a diagnosis and a cost estimate for each type of device free of charge. Our technical equipment enables us to calibrate and repair measuring devices in-house. We would also be happy to organize repairs for you at the manufacturers' premises, should it be necessary. Our team is very familiar with devices from all national and international manufacturers.

Quality management standard

Our calibration laboratory is accredited according to the quality management standard DIN ISO 17025: 2018. The validity of this accreditation extends to the calibration of electrical measurands for direct current and low frequency. We have a system of high-precision reference standards that are regularly connected directly or indirectly to the national standards of PTB. Our calibration service is based on DKD guidelines, standards, manufacturer regulations and other recognized rules of technology.

With a DAkkS calibration, measurement uncertainties are precisely calculated and assigned directly to each measurement result. A traceable calibration is thus guaranteed. Here, the ISO standard 17025 is used and the effort for the process and securing the measurement results is maximum. The advantages of the DAkkS calibration of your measuring equipment are the greatest security, the best possible accuracy, the smallest measurement uncertainty and international recognition.

About the German accreditation body:

The legal mandate of the DAkkS is to carry out the accreditation of conformity assessment bodies (laboratories, certification and inspection bodies). An accreditation by the DAkkS confirms that the above-mentioned bodies perform their tasks competently and in accordance with the applicable requirements.


Do you have any questions about our services or our services?

If you cannot find the service you want straight away, we will be happy to help you by phone or email. If our calibration service cannot really make you the right offer, we will place your order with one of our partners. You can reach us by phone on +49 30 5539 74 67 or using our inquiry form.